Waste collectors of Nijmegen on electric cargobike Centaur Clean

Four waste collectors of the city of Nijmegen will use an electric cargobike to clean the city. The waste collectors of DAR, reponsible for the management of public space, work visibly on a cleaner neighbourhood and stimulate residents to keep their neighbourhood clean. In the six months pilot they use the electric version of the Centaur Clean, which is optimized for keeping cities clean. Do you also want to use a cargo bike for keeping your city clean? Please contact us via!

Advertising with your cargo bike

Centaur Cargo bikes not only deliver goods, they are also a great way to promote your business. The Dutch supermarket chain Coop chooses a cargo bike with a recognizable orange Coop look. A wonderful way to showcase a company’s products or to be used as a marketing tool!

Albert Heijn’s SuperBuddy delivery service delivers groceries by cargo bike

Supermarket chain Albert Heijn is starting to test quick delivery service which will bring your groceries to a location of your choice within two hours. The supermarket chain is entering into an exclusive partnership with SuperBuddy delivery service.

SuperBuddy is using Centaur Cargo for quick delivery of groceries to its customers. The deliverers, also called buddies, will personally take care of grocery shopping and deliver your groceries at your door step on their bikes. SuperBuddy is using the Centaur Carves for this operation. Centaur Carves have a dividing panel in the middle of the box for optimal use of space. Click here to find out more about the Centaur Carve.

Pilot PostNL with cargo bikes by Centaur Cargo

The Dutch postal service company PostNL started a pilot project in Utrecht and Amsterdam with cargo bikes by Centaur Cargo. Mail carriers are using three Centaur Carves and experiencing the ease of a cargo bike to deliver mail and parcels.

The carving three-wheeler is easy to use in city centres and with its unique carving system it handles like a regular bicycle. The bike simple stands when the rider gets off, saving time between bike and front door.