Centaur Cargo

A faster, smarter and more sustainable way to make it through the city. Centaur Cargo offers high quality, electric (cargo) bikes for urban transport. Powered by Babboe, the European market leader in family cargo bikes.




The Centaur Cargo Bike is a slender, manoeuvrable two-wheel cargo bike, that will take you from A to B in no time.

The Centaur Cargo Trike is the classic three-wheel cargo bike with a sturdy, large, wooden box for efficient and affordable urban mobility.

The Centaur Cargo Trike Swing offers a unique cycling experience, cleverly combining the size of the box and stability of a three-wheel cargo bike with the manoeuvrability of a two-wheel cargo bike.


Waste collectors of Nijmegen on electric cargobike Centaur Clean

Four waste collectors of the city of Nijmegen will use an electric cargobike to clean the city.  The waste collectors of DAR, reponsible for the management of public space, work visibly on a cleaner neighbourhood and stimulate residents to keep their neighbourhood clean. In the six months pilot they use the electric version of the Centaur Clean, which is optimized for keeping cities clean. Do you also want to use a cargo bike for keeping your city clean?  Please contact us via centaur@centaurcargo.nl!