Centaur Cargo Bike

The Centaur Cargo Bike is a slender, manoeuvrable two-wheel cargo bike, that will take you from A to B in no time.

This fast two-wheeler will take you to every corner of the city in no time. Easily and efficiently manoeuvre through heavy traffic, even with a loaded box. The powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor with force sensor and maintenance-free, stepless shifting system gives this two-wheeler advanced pedal assistance.  It makes the pedal assistance feel natural so you can smoothly cover long distances.



Centaur Cargo Trike

A robust, traditional three-wheeler with excellent price-quality ratio. The Centaur Cargo Trike holds its ground in traffic and takes you anywhere you want to go in the city. Easy to get on or off, easy to park, guaranteed riding comfort. The bike has a sturdy wooden box and is available with electric pedal assistance.

Centaur Cargo Trike Swing

Combine the best of both worlds. The Centaur Cargo Trike Swing combines the stability and box volume of a stable three-wheeler with the responsive manoeuvrability of a two-wheeler. The carve mechanism offers a unique cycling experience and excellent road holding. The large, 500-litre box adapts to your movements as you take corners. Put the bike in ‘carve-lock’ when standing still to easily get on or off. The powerful mid-drive motor provides smooth pedal assistance and covers a broad action radius.